How and where to begin your innovation journey?

Consulting & Training

Consulting and Training for fashion and luxury brands
De Rigueur Innovation & Luxury Bureau

Blueprint Consulting

Blueprint Consulting

We build product and process solutions through frameworks and strategies that maximise the brand’s potential innovation via:

Market Study

As experts in market observation, we provide product trends and analysis within its consumer needs. Our goal is to draw a good picture of why, what, and how the new product could work.

Product Roadmap

We transfer ideas to actual concepts that fit the brand’s DNA by defining its look & feel as well as the principal usability with its target audience.

Anchoring Pinpoints

Production and marketing recommendations to set better decisions for transforming the product idea into reality.

Training & Coaching Programs

Training & Coaching Programs

Our mentorship program helps your team work more efficiently by developing the relevant perspective faster, and ensuring that project goals, scope and progress are aligned across the board.

We are your north star of

Innovation that gives the

trustworthy direction in

three fields:




Design &

Integrating technologies in products and/or collections can add value to the goods and make them exceptional. By coaching and presenting the possibilities, your team can develop better and more personalised products that will keep the brand ahead of the competition.

Circular Economy
& Eco Design

Introducing the world of circularity in product development is crucial today! Our role is to define new eco-design methods, present alternative materials and provide tools and exercises to rethink the manufacturing process and dead stock optimisation.

& Web 3.0

Connecting goods to new universes is original. Let your team foresee new opportunities through digitalisation and learn about the new terms and tools that foster fashionable and sustainable strategy. Our mission is to determine the use of the digital world today, how it impacts your consumers tomorrow, and what is the best practice to add value to your products.

Program Steps

Program Steps

training & consulting programs


Identify your needs and the scope of the project. Therefore, we plan the training sessions and present the best fit of experts and facilitators who can drive the workshop. In addition, complete planning for the event management to cover all requirements, such as space arrangement and the audio/visual.


Develop a tailor-made training program, either physical or virtual, with a specific knowledge input according to the topic.

Deep Work

Bring the program participants together for a working session. The participants work for several hours in small groups on an issue the brand wishes to unblock with the objective to observe the teams and gather insights to complete the study as accurately as possible.


Assess the research carried out and highlight the issues on which the brand can evolve.



Train and monitor your teams accurately on innovation topics.

From our recommendations, industrialise new projects through our engineers and project developers.

Study a new perspective from experts who teach and work with other brands in the same industry.

Bring together and strengthen team cohesion during work sessions by pulling them out of their routine.

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