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De Rigueur Innovation & Luxury Bureau

Latest Release

Innovation Report 2021

January 2023

Market Watch

Innovation Benchmark

Innovation recap for Q4 2022!

April 2022


Life-Cycle Management

Waste management process guide.

Phygital Webinar

January 2022


Digitalisation In Fashion

Digital Value Chain for Fashion Products.

Sustainability Rating

July 2021


Sustainability Rating

Introduction for the Environmental Labelling.

Fashion Tech Report 2021

June 2021


Fashion Tech 2021

Future innovations for tomorrow's products.

sustainable transformation

March 2021


Sustainable Transformation

How to create green strategy for fashion!

Chinese luxury consumer report

January 2021

Case Study

China Tech Market

China obsession: future-oriented consumers!

Sustainable Fashion Innovation

December 2020


Sustainable Innovation

Top Sustainable Fashion Innovation 2019-2020.

Tech Report 2020

November 2020


Fashion Tech 2020

Top 10 major innovations 2019-2020.

Millennials & Luxury

September 2020

Case Study

Millennials & Luxury

30% population, 100% attention