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Product Innovation

Product Innovation - Fashion and Luxury
De Rigueur Innovation & Luxury Bureau

Operational Consulting

Operational Consulting

We make innovative products and processes that are tangible and useful in the real world.

operational consulting


We define the market need by answering the projects’ requirements by:

• Auditing the project’s needs.
• Setting up objectives that cross over the complete project.
• Technical specifications based on the product/process blueprint.
• Planning & budgeting to ensure that the project matches your estimated cost & delivery.


We offer a dedicated project management platform which allows you to track each step of the project lifespan, therefore, our team is dedicated to your project’s success through Sourcing, Sampling, Testing, and Validating.

project management tools

A to Z Approach

A to Z Approach

A tailor-made in-house methodology based on our eight years of experience to bring to life turn-key projects, thanks to vast and trustable suppliers’ network in all innovative fields.

a to z innovation approach

Research & Development

We carry over the complete R&D process from the Auditing phase, feasibility study, and proof of concept until the final prototype.

• Audit
• Feasibility study
• Proof of Concept
• Prototype

Balenciaga Bag Design


At this stage, we bring concepts & prototypes to life through our methodology, which guarantees to deliver high-end quality & durability products.

• Tooling/Golden Sample
• Pre-Production
• Certifications
• Mass-Production/Quality Control
• Logistics/Go to market

Balenciaga Bag Production

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