Electronic Neo-Classic

Balenciaga High-Tech BagBalenciaga High-Tech Bag

Balenciaga is a luxury brand known for its modern and innovative designs, pushing boundaries with their avant-garde approach to fashion. Our collaboration with them resulted in the creation of the Electronic Neo-Classic bag, which seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into their handbag collection. As a company, we prioritize our clients' ownership and intellectual property rights, ensuring that the products we create for them always belong to them.



Our collaboration with Balenciaga began with an ideation phase to define the framework for innovative concepts that would be integrated into the brand's handbag collections. In order to generate ten different concepts, our team actively monitored already-existing technologies and used the reverse brainstorming technique. Five concepts were ultimately chosen by Balenciaga's management.

Balenciaga High-Tech Bag


Feasibility Study

Four essential project components—biometric opening, induction charging (charge In & charge Out), light, and touch control of the central unit—were the subject of a feasibility study. The analysis of key functionality and requirements, including design, mechanics, integration, and user interface, was covered by the study.

Balenciaga High-Tech Bag



After the feasibility study, creating the first prototype to validate the system's proper functioning and aesthetic appearance. The system was then improved and production costs of each technology were decreased while improving light diffusion and reducing the size of the charging pad. We made sure the finished item belonged exclusively and permanently to Balenciaga throughout the entire process.

Balenciaga High-Tech Bag
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