AutoLock Backpack

Lacoste AutoLock BackpackLacoste AutoLock Backpack

Lacoste Auto-Lock, a revolutionary backpack that incorporates biometric technology to improve security and peace of mind for our customers, is now available. Our partnership with Lacoste began with the realisation that in today's world, our valuables items are constantly at risk of being stolen by pickpockets and thieves. Therefore, designing the Auto-Lock backpack was critical in order to provide an effective solution to this problem.


Feasibility Study

To ensure that the Auto-Lock backpack is not only functional but also seamlessly integrated into the Lacoste Leather Goods universe. We conducted a comprehensive feasibility study including the electronic study, a mechanical study, a cost study, and an integration study. Our goal was to integrate the tactile detection pad's current technology into the Lacoste world. We accomplished this by creating a system that enables the backpack's zippers to be locked. The locking mechanism was then incorporated into the product using a commanding and obvious housing that blended in with the backpack's aesthetics through its color, pattern, and feel.

Lacoste AutoLock Backpack


Pre-Prod / Mass-Production

During the development phase, we revamped several aspects of the project, including the design and durability of the object. To improve the user experience, we strengthened the material and paintwork and altered the fingerprint registration procedure. The final product we have created at Lacoste is something we are proud of, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement. We made a special mould for the front plate of the module to ensure that the Auto-Lock backpack is of the highest calibre possible. The mould mimics the recognisable "Cotton Piqué" texture of the company. The backpack needed to be practical in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the Lacoste brand.

Lacoste AutoLock Backpack


Certifications & Go-to-Market

As we manage projects from A to Z, we take care of the product quality and safety seriously. Therefore, all products with embedded electronics undergo rigorous certifications to ensure that they meet the highest standards. We work with different certification bodies to obtain the most competitive prices and take care of the entire certification process so that our products can be sold in the selected countries and regions. We are delighted that we provided the Lacoste Auto-Lock backpack as a solution to Lacostes' customers who have security concerns.

Lacoste AutoLock Backpack
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