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Lacoste -Eco Design WorkshopLacoste -Eco Design Workshop

As an innovation bureau, we understand that sustainability is no longer just an option for businesses, but a necessity. Consumers are increasingly expecting brands to be mindful of their manufacturing processes and the environmental impact of their products. That's why we developed an Eco-design training program for our client, Lacoste. Our program is designed to help Lacoste's Product and Design teams gain the knowledge and skills they need to create fashion products with minimal environmental impact. The program has three main steps:


Program Framing

The coaching strategy for Lacoste's Product & Design teams was intended to provide concrete knowledge on ecodesign, tailored to the brand's limitations which works on an eco-designed alternative to an existing product.

We highlighted the importance of validating with the brand all the possible do's and don'ts regarding the project. This allowed the Lacostes' teams to validate and follow up on the progress made.

Lacoste -Eco Design Workshop


Training Day

We followed a three-step process. First, we had a one-hour "knowledge acculturation" session about eco-design challenges for Lacoste. Second, we provided three hours for the teams to eco-design a Lacoste product. We developed a methodology based on design thinking that allowed us to stay in line with the brand environment and not simply develop a fictitious product or solution.

The objective here was to separate the collaborators into working groups and make them work on an alternative product for several hours following the steps which were: ideate, prototype, and pitch your product. The third step was the Sum Up / Closing / Feedbacks session, which included a review of the day with a focus on the ideas that came out, early recommendations from our side, opening up to the rest of the program, and an after-work/informal moment.

Lacoste -Eco Design Workshop


Deep Report

Following the workshop, we provided a Deep Report, which included the following steps:

1. Briefing post-event

- Sum up and feedbacks
- Introduction to the next stage of the collaboration
- Report analysis validation

2. Report delivery

One month after the event, we provided a document on how Lacoste needs to adapt its manufacturing strategy, with a complete and detailed analysis.

Lacoste -Eco Design Workshop
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