Infini-T Backpack

Lacoste Solar Panel BackpackLacoste Solar Panel Backpack

Our collaboration with Lacoste was a great success in the INFINI-T collection, which includes backpacks and bum bags with wireless charging and photovoltaic technologies. The innovative design that fits today's usage with such a modular approach, the users have the option to carry the device or not, making it energy-efficient and easily recyclable.


Prototyping & Rework

Our innovative consulting services begin with defining the need and creating a working module prototype. We test technical features like battery size, charging port, and dimensions during the development phase. We then carry out real-world testing to verify the technologies and functionality. Although the design of the module was difficult and technically complex, we were able to successfully integrate all the components. We used CNC prototyping to make the casing, and we added a section of flexible plastic (TPU) to help with assembly on production lines and protect the electronics.

Lacoste Solar Panel Backpack


Tooling, Pre & Mass Production

Once we completed prototyping and reworking, we progressed to tooling and pre-mass production. The development of a metal mould and the production of a batch of samples marked the start of the industrialisation stage. To showcase the finished product, these samples were given to buyers and sales representatives from various nations.

Lacoste Solar Panel Backpack


Certifications & Go to Market

To ensure compliance with various countries' regulations, the INFINI-T collection had to go through several certifications, such as CE for the European Union, FCC for the United States, KC for Korea, PSE in Japan, MSDS, UN38.3, and Air/Sea transport identification for global transportation. Our team ensured that the product received the necessary certifications, allowing Lacoste to sell it in their various stores around the world.

Lacoste Solar Panel Backpack
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