Infini-T Wallet

Infini-T WalletInfini-T Wallet

A smartphone bag with an inductive charging system is the latest innovation from Lacoste, a brand renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation. This useful accessory, which is made for both male and female buyers, makes sure that your phone is always charged and available for use. In close collaboration with Lacoste, our innovation department created a module that enhanced the bag's features without compromising its sleek appearance.


Prototyping & Rework

We worked closely with Lacoste to develop a module that increased the bag's functionalities while maintaining its sleek design. We opted for a touch plate ignition system, optimised by a set of LEDs that indicate the remaining energy in the bag. A discreet USB-C port was integrated into the upper right corner for wired charging, and the electronic system was protected with a shock-proof panel and a leather flap for added protection against moisture.

Wireless charging wallet



To optimise the position and holding of the cell phone during its recharge, we added mesh pockets inside the case. Our team also accompanied Lacoste throughout the logistical process, ensuring the proper routing of the product and compliance with regulations from organisations such as IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Wireless charging wallet


Certifications & Go to Market

We are knowledgeable about the value of certifications for products containing electronics and how to issue them. In order for our client to be able to sell the product globally in its various stores, we managed the process and challenged various certification organisations to obtain the most affordable prices. The smartphone bag is evidence of Lacoste's unwavering dedication to providing customers with goods that combine fashion and utility. We thrive on our ability to bring cutting-edge technologies and original ideas to life, keeping our clients at the forefront of their respective industries.

Infini-T Wallet
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