Louboutin LoubilabLouboutin Loubilab

The House of Christian Louboutin, known for their iconic red-soled shoes and innovative designs, has partnered with us to create Loubilab, an unprecedented cross-body bag with a wireless charging module for smartphones. This collaboration reflects our commitment to excellence in the luxury industry and our dedication to creating cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates into high-end fashion accessories.



We optimised the electronic system to fit perfectly into the cross-body bag, integrating wireless charging technology. The project required arranging the PCB, battery, electromagnetic induction emission system, and USB-C port within the pouch, double protected by two Talyn plates and covered with a cotton lining. The device is activated externally by a touch panel with a visual feedback of 4 LEDs, indicating the amount of energy available.

Louboutin Loubilab



During the final prototyping phase, we redesigned the module in a modular way, opting for a new independent leather case adapted to different smartphone types. This method makes recycling and recharging simple for the user by allowing them to take the system on or off their vehicle with ease. The finished product has electronics enclosed in grained leather with the Louboutin logo embossed on it and slightly rounded corners. A sliced dye has also been added to the leather to contrast with the brand's distinctive red rubber sole.

Louboutin Loubilab


Certifications & Go to Market

Lastly, we saw to it that the certifications required for the product to be sold internationally in the brand's various stores were acquired. We worked with various certification bodies to negotiate the best prices while ensuring that our client met the specifications needed for electronics products in various exporting nations.

Louboutin Loubilab
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