Moynat Bag

Moynat BagMoynat Bag

Our collaboration with Moynat, a renowned French malletier with a strong brand DNA and a wealth of expertise, demonstrates our dedication to excellence in the luxury sector. We collaborated to incorporate modern technology into their iconic Mini Vanity, which stands as a true testament to Moynat's history and craftsmanship. Using a meticulous three-step process, we succeeded in creating an accessory that combines security and ultra-personalisation while adhering to Moynat's exacting standards of French excellence.



To maintain the Mini Vanity's traditional proportions, we created a tiny sensor that fits into the opening without any gaps. Our specialized opening system has a USB-C port for charging, an LED system for visual feedback, and a fingerprint sensor for owner identification.

Moynat Bag



The visible portion of the device was adjusted by our team using True Precision Work, which exposed a silver metal plate with curved edges that matched the Mini Vanity's shape and style. The module's hidden portion was constructed of zamak, an alloy that ensures corrosion resistance while encasing and safeguarding the electronics. It was then covered in leather to completely match the interior of the bag.

Moynat Bag


Certifications & Go to Market

Any product with electronics must undergo certifications to be compliant with the selling countries. We tackled this challenge and obtained the most competitive prices from different certification organizations, making it possible for our client to sell the product worldwide in their stores.

Moynat Bag
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