Charging Nomadic Dock

Charging Nomadic Dock - Premiere Vision ParisCharging Nomadic Dock - Premiere Vision Paris

Première Vision, a leading event for fashion professionals, collaborated with us to develop a leather pouch that allows for smartphone charging via electromagnetic induction. Our engineering and design teams collaborated to create a sleek and elegant charging dock that is both lightweight and practical for the modern nomadic lifestyle.



Our design process began with the goal of creating a product that is slim enough to fit in the pocket of a blaser while still maintaining an elegant aesthetic. We worked hard to reduce the charging dock's thickness to 1 cm while still keeping the smartphone securely in place. The leather structure was designed specifically for optimal grip and functionality.

Charging Nomadic Dock - Premiere Vision Paris



Our engineers created the first wireless charging prototype, which used electromagnetic induction and had a 3000mAh capacity and was compatible with the international Qi charging standard. To add a touch of luxury, the prototype was coated in Tuscany vegetable-tanned cowhide leather.

Charging Nomadic Dock - Premiere Vision Paris


Tooling & Go to Market

To begin the project's industrialisation phase, we created a specific metal mould that adhered to the final prototype specifications. The finished product was unveiled at the Première Vision event and received positive feedback from fashion professionals all over the world.

Charging Nomadic Dock - Premiere Vision Paris
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