Chic Charging Bag

Vanessa Bruno Chic Charging BagVanessa Bruno Chic Charging Bag

The result of our collaboration with Vanessa Bruno is an innovative and trendy it-bag that combines practicality and aesthetics. With our expertise in technology integration and global compliance, we helped bring this vision to life while preserving the brand's signature style.



Our team engaged in a demanding three-step process to accomplish this. Prototyping was the first step, during which we built a wired recharging system into the pouch. In order to seamlessly integrate the module—which houses the electronics and battery—in the pouch, we encased it in a protective layer before covering it with leather. In order to allow LEDs to display the battery charge level, we also perforated the casing.

Vanessa Bruno Chic Charging Bag



In the second step, we obtained the necessary certifications for global compliance, including CE for the European Union, FCC for the USA, KC for Korea, PSE in Japan, and MSDS, UN38.3, and Air/Sea transport identification for global transportation.

Vanessa Bruno Chic Charging Bag


Go to Market

The final step was taking the product to market. We worked closely with the certification organisations to obtain the most competitive prices and ensure that our client could sell it worldwide in its different stores.

Vanessa Bruno Chic Charging Bag
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