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Unique Approach

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De Rigueur Innovation & Luxury Bureau

Unique Approach


• Tailored hardware
• Embedded electronics
• Mechanical enhancements
• Advanced functionalities


• Eco-design
• Waste reduction
• Circular strategies and processes
• Innovative materials

& Interacting

• Blockchain product traceability (Chips & Registration)
• Digital platform development
• Virtual retail fabrication
• Immersive experience creation
• Internal Automation & AI solutions

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Bespoke offer

Our innovation packages built on 10+ years of experience in sourcing and producing high-end products through a seamless and efficient process tailored to your specific needs.
Quick Innovator

I’m looking for a fast, effective solution to jumpstart my innovation journey with minimal investment.

What’s included:

Technical Feasibility Study:

Short market study

Suppliers & partners sourcing

Samples procurement

4,000 €‎/Monthly
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Product visualisation/strategy proposal.

Comprehensive feasibility report.

Curated list of potential suppliers and partners.

Condensed market analysis.

Off-the-shelf samples or demo software.

Custom Innovator

I have a solid idea of what I want and am looking for tailored innovation support to help me bring my vision to life.

What’s included:

Technical Feasibility Study

Proof of concept:

Tailor-made development

Technical support (Mechanics, Electronics, Materials, Developer)

7,000 €‎/Monthly
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All deliverables from Quick Innovator.

Customised samples.

Test analysis of customised samples and recommendation report.

Full-scale Innovator

I’m seeking a comprehensive, end-to-end innovation management solution that will help me turn my clear product vision into a fully developed and market-ready offering.

What’s included:

Technical Feasibility Study

Proof of concept


Industrialisation study

Certification support

On demand CTO

10,000 €‎/Monthly
Stop anytime!

All deliverables from Custom Innovator.

Industrialisation Partner Selection Report.

Supply Chain Mapping.

Manufacturing Process Flowchart.

Implementation Recommendations.

Certification Requirements Analysis.

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