How to connect your products with your audience?

Phygital Development

Phygital Product Development
De Rigueur Innovation & Luxury Bureau

Phygital Development

Phygital Development

Our niche expertise is in hardware and its know-how in integrating it into the product within different digitalisation systems.Thus, creating just a product is not relevant without having the right strategy; our mission is to extend your product line-up with new technologies & experiences that fit your brand’s DNA.


Adding a digital or immersive experience to a product adds great value to it. Integrating such elements can define greater interest in the product via two aspects:


• Entertainment
• Personalisation
• Communication Channel

Fashion Tech

Connected technologies can create a social and positive emotional impact.


• Traceability
• Lifecycle Visibility
• Proof of Ownership

Eco-Design & Sustainability

Digital solutions can unlock new sustainable possibilities.

Product Boosting Supplements!

Product Boosting Supplements!

Cutting-edge chips that last long with their washable & flexible technologies allow them to integrate into many unique shapes to be embedded in products or their packaging.

Digital platform executions with an interactive experience that enhances the customer journey and allows the brands to explore new aspects of traceability, authenticity, and data collectibility.

Web3.0 Savoir-Faire that empowers your digital asset (NFT) projects with a long-term usability vision to activate new communities through novel loyalty programs.

Phygital creation through Augmented Reality or Virtual scenarios development that is connected to a product, package, or retail.

Automated solutions and AI software such as Chatbots or virtual avatars/ambassadors that can provide new values to the brand and users.

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